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We bring your site security up to date and offer various hosting options to keep your site secure.

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Design, development and support services for you and your WordPress site.

Tips and tricks

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There are a plenty of simple things you can do to help prevent your WordPress site from getting hacked or to rescue the site if it has already been hacked.
Our Tips and Tricks section may be just what you need.

Services include:

  • Keep WordPress core up to date
  • Automatic Plugin updates
  • Secure WordPress file permissions
  • Offer robust secure hosting
  • Malware Scan
  • Protect uploads directory
  • Two factor authentication
  • Security keys (Salts) created
  • Remove default admin account
  • Blacklist constant attacking IPs
  • Enforce complex passwords
  • Notifications about attacks
  • Brute force protection
  • 6 months of site backups
  • Ban known bad hosts
  • File change detection
  • Change the WordPress backend URL
  • and so much more

Welcome to Protect Word Press

WordPress security is no longer optional

Due to an exponential increase in cyber-attacks, businesses must establish a plan to secure their website and their reputation.

Achieving good security typically requires the services of a third party professional and also requires that the organisation takes responsibility to implement the suggested changes to safeguard their website.

Our team works alongside internal business resources to create a WordPress security program to protect your website against hackers.

increase in Threats for Small-Medium Businesses

Globally there are upwards of 10000 hack attempts on WordPress websites per minute!

Many businesses believe a breach will never happen to them and this is precisely the attitude hackers are depending on.

Organisations with fewer than one hundred employees are actually more vulnerable to a cyber attack due to the fact that their defences are often not as strong as larger businesses. Sadly, these smaller businesses are also likely to suffer more financially and face a difficult process of recovering from an attack.

One of the reasons for the increase is the proliferation of zero cost hacking tool kits.

In the past a skilled hacker was required to do significant research and customise specific vulnerability exploits against targeted networks. Today, the hacking tools are designed in such a simplistic nature that any unskilled adversary can click a few buttons to automate complex and powerful attacks against multiple targets.

This leaves small to medium businesses at a severe risk of data breach and network outages. The costs incurred from a data breach far outstrip the cost of a professional proactive Cyber Security approach.


Protect WordPress is part of the Wired Internet Group of companies based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Wired Internet Group is an industry leader in software design, development and implementation with more than twenty years experience.

Security Updates

  • 30
    Oct 2016
    Plugin name:
    Updated to Version 2.6.7
  • 30
    Oct 2016
    Plugin name:
    Wordfence Security
    Updated to Version 6.2.3
  • 30
    Oct 2016
    Plugin name:
    MainWP Child
    Updated to Version 3.2.1
  • 30
    Oct 2016
    Plugin name:
    PDF Thumbnails
    Updated to Version 2.2.0
  • 30
    Oct 2016
    Plugin name:
    ReOrder Post Within Categories 1.1.6-patched
    Updated to Version 1.2.1

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