Security and Hosting

To lock out the hackers

We will bring your site security up to date, see below to view the various hosting options we offer to keep your site secure.

Pricing options

To keep you WordPress site safe and sound


Basic$30 per month

Standard$75 per month

Deluxe$95 per month

Critical security updates
Brute force protection
File change detection
Malware scans
Free recovery if a site is compromised
SSL Certificate
Retain 6 months of site backups
Secure hosting on our servers
Monitor unusual changes in site traffic
Ongoing plugin version updates
Option to enable two factor authentication
Security access monitoring
Server load monitoring
Customer accessable backup archive
Free priority recovery if a site is compromised (24hr guarantee)
15 min help per month

Recover WordPressFor sites that have already been compromised

If your site has already been compromised we can get you up and running again. Our professional, highly skilled security analysts use best practices to assess any damage that has been done and safely perform the clean-up of your hacked WordPress website.

Contact us or phone us on +64 3 353 2770

New site set upIncluded free with Standard or Delux packages

  • Remove unused plugins and themes
  • Add SSL certificate
  • Security keys (salts) created
  • Remove the default admin account
  • Blacklist constant attacking ips
  • Change the wordpress admin url
  • Enforce complex passwords
  • Notifications about attacks
  • Secure wordpress file permissions
  • Ban known bad hosts
  • Protect uploads directory

Our Hosting environmentour virtual platforms provide:

  • National data on a 100mb link
  • International data on a 100mb link
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Fully redundant architecture utilising dual Cisco 6500 core switches
  • Fully redundant FortiGate appliances for network security
  • Multiple POEs (Point of Entry) for fibre using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) core routing to eliminate network downtime
  • Independent networks for backups, management and public services ensure the highest levels of security and performance by segregating traffic on physically separate networks