Keeping your WordPress site safe

It dosen’t matter whether it’s maintaining an existing WordPress site to keep it secure, or fixing problems caused by a hack attack. We use best practice with rigorous standards to give you peace of mind.

WordPress Security

Is no longer optional

WordPress security can no longer be ignored. We take WordPress security seriously, and so should you. For example, Google shows nearly 100 million ‘unsafe website ahead’ browsing warnings to users, every week! And the numbers of websites infected with malware just keeps growing.

A hacked WordPress website can cause serious damage to your business revenue and reputation. Hackers can steal user information, passwords and install malicious software. They can even distribute malware directly to your subscribers.

You could even find yourself paying a ransom to hackers, just to regain access to your website.

Let us worry about it

We know that WordPress security can be a bit intimidating, which is why we take the responsibility for keeping your WordPress website safe and secure, giving you peace of mind.

We offer flexible hosting options starting at $65 per month.

A little about WordPress

WordPress is open source, and should be regularly maintained and updated. By default, WordPress automatically installs minor updates, but major WordPress releases need to be updated manually.

WordPress also comes with thousands of plugins and themes from third-party developers. These will also release regular updates that will need to be updated manually.

These WordPress updates are crucial for the security and stability of your WordPress site. You need to make sure that your WordPress core, theme, and plugins are always up to date.


Secure Hosting
& Support

$30 – SUPPORT (20min)

Your 20 minutes support per month can be used for anything website related.

Save $23 per month


Secure Hosting
& Support +

$120 – SUPPORT (60min)

Your 60 minutes support per month can be used for anything website related.

Save $105 per month


Just Secure Hosting


  • Free transfer to our secure servers.
  • Malware scan and clean.
  • Security hardening of your site.
  • Continual WordPress core updates.
  • Continual WordPress Plugin updates.
  • Continual monitoring for signs of infection.
  • SSL Certificate added.
  • 3 months of back ups.
  • For the full list of features click here.

Support info


Anything web related, like:
SEO, Adwords, Web strategy advice, Design and development work, Usability review/advice, Staff training or Content management.

Think of us as your in-house web team.

Hourly rate
All work that falls outside of your monthly support hours is charged at $165.

For full details, see our Terms and Conditions.

What we do to secure your WordPress website

We manage all your website’s core, plugin and theme updates. We will also remove any unused plugins and themes as these may contain vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

Below is a full list of what we do to keep your WordPress site safe.

* indicates as an optional security measure

Recover WordPress

WordPress site already hacked?

Host the site with us. We will clean it for free, removing any back doors, to prevent any further hacks. Terms and Conditions may apply.

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